Chrome Cobalt dentures (Co Cr denture)
What is Chrome Cobalt denture?

Co Cr dentures are cast dentures and have a cobalt chrome framework. These dentures do not corrode due to the addition of cobalt, chrome and chromium.

When is Co Cr denture indicated?

They can be used everywhere however, aesthetics will be compromised when used in the anterior region.

Can the Co Cr dentures be relined?
Co Cr dentures cannot be relined as they are tooth borne dentures.
What are the advantages of Co Cr dentures?
  • Co Cr dentures are stable compared to acrylic (plastic) dentures and provide good retention compared to plastic dentures.
  • The temperatures of the food and beverages can be felt as the thermal conductivity of these dentures is higher compared to plastic dentures.
  • It is easy to clean the dentures and are more hygienic than plastic dentures.
  • Co Cr dentures are not as heavy as plastic dentures and can be casted thinner.
What are the disadvantages of Co Cr dentures?
  • Aesthetically not appealing in the anterior region.

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