Enlighten Teeth Whitening

At Claremont Dental Practice, we carry out Enlighten tooth whitening which is the most effective whitening system in the world and proved to have a 98% success rate.

How it works

Step 1: Home session

1st Appointment
The dentist will take the shade of the teeth and then take an impression with correct size metal perforated trays and send to Enlighten Accredited laboratory to manufacture custom made trays and the patient will start using Tooth Serum whitening toothpaste for 14 days. This will help to reduce possible sensitivity problems and can help to produce an even longer lasting result.
2nd Appointment
The dentist will check the fit of the trays that are custom made for each patient and instructions will be given how to wear them. These trays should be worn for a fortnight. The patient will be provided with a home kit which contains 1 syringe of 10% Carbamide peroxide for the first week and 1 syringe of 16% of Carbamide peroxide for the second week and 12 Evaseal desensitiser swabs to prevent possible sensitivity. The dentist will go through with you each and every step and advise how to use the home whitening kit.


For difficult or Tetracycline stained teeth, 3-4 weeks of home bleaching is recommended instead of 14 days before office bleaching is carried out.

Please contact the practice for the additional costs involved.

Step 2: Office session

3rd Appointment
The dentist will ensure the teeth are clean and will try the trays and carry out office bleaching by using 6% Hydrogen peroxide for 40 minutes and in difficult cases for 60 minutes. Once office bleaching is finished, the final shade of the teeth will be taken.
Step 3: Maintenance
Patients can use the trays that were custom made for them every 2months to maintain the colour of the teeth. Smokers can use once a month. Please call the practice to buy the home pack.

For more information: please visit https://www.enlightensmiles.com/

Internal tooth whitening

What is internal bleaching?
Trauma leading to infection and some endodontically treated teeth can suffer from discolouration. Endodontic treatment would be performed on an infected tooth if it is not root treated. The discolouration which is caused by decomposing blood products is permanent and this can be a cause of concern to some patients.
Procedure of Internal bleaching
Internal bleaching is one method which can help the teeth to be whitened by placing a whitening agent into the access cavity, it means the tooth is whitened from inside out and it can significantly improve the appearance.

It is carried out normally in 3 sessions and in some cases, it might take longer. A rubber dam will be placed and the access cavity is opened, the root canal material will be reduced 2-3mm apical to the gum line and sealed with a sealer cement to protect the root filling material. Bleaching gel will be placed in the canal.

After packing the paste into the cavity, the access cavity is sealed tightly. After achieving a satisfactory result, the access cavity will be closed with plastic filling. The patient will be seen every week and the bleaching gel will be changed. Once the desired colour is achieved, the access cavity can be closed permanently.

Advantages of Internal bleaching
  • Safe and effective.
  • Quick and conservative.
  • Cost effective compared to crowns and veneers.
  • Quick result.
Disadvantages of Internal bleaching
  • Patient should be compliant.
  • Failure to seal the access cavity due to failure of patient attending the dental office can cause bacterial contamination.
  • Cervical root resorption if bleach diffuses through cervical cementum and periodontal ligament.

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