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What Are Other Alternatives To Failed Toot Canal Treatment
Endodontic Retreatment
Despite advances in the endodontic treatments, the goal of the treatment is not always achieved and the tooth might get reinfected causing root canal treatment to fail. The primary reason for this failure is the persistence of bacteria in the root canal system.

During this retreatment, the tooth will be opened again and the filling material that was previously placed in the canals will be removed. The tooth will be carefully examined for missing canals and for any new infection and later thoroughly cleaned and shaped and will be filled again with a new filling material and a new crown will be placed.

Endodontic Surgery (Apicectomy)

If the infection persists in the bony area after root canal treatment, apicectomy can be carried out to save the tooth under appropriate conditions. During apicectomy, the root end of the tooth will be resected and the tip of the root will be sealed with filling and the surgical area will be sutured. The bone around the root will be healed in a few months.

If the dentist cannot save the tooth or if the patient opts not to have root canal treatment to treat an infected tooth, extraction is one of the option to prevent any spread of infection.
Dental Implants

If the tooth can’t be saved and needs an extraction, Implant is the elegant option to replace the missing tooth and it can help for proper biting and chewing.

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