Valplast Dentures
What is Valplast denture?
Flexible dentures are made from a flexible plastic material which is less rigid than traditionally used rigid and bulky dentures and fits snugly in the mouth and is virtually invisible and blends well with the gums. It is made of very strong material and therefore the denture can be made very thin. Valplast dentures are less heavy and feel less bulky in the mouth.
Will Valplast dentures break?
The resin used to make Valplast dentures does not break under normal wear and tear. This warranty is for the material used to make the base of the denture but not for the teeth that are embedded into it. There is a 100% guarantee against fracture of the base under normal usage.

Is it possible to add tooth to the existing Valplast denture?
Yes, it is possible to add a tooth to the denture, however, the denture has to be sent away for a few days.
Can Valplast cause any allergies?
Valplast is made of thermoplastic nylon and does not contain acrylic monomer and has completely metal free colouring agent and therefore is a right choice for patients who were known to have allergies to acrylic and metal which are used in dentistry.
What are the advantages of Valplast?
Valplast dentures are affordable, comfortable, virtually invisible, unbreakable and do not cause allergic reactions.
Can we reline Valplast dentures?
Valplast dentures can be rebased and relined. However, the denture has to be sent to the laboratory for a few days.
How to clean Valplast?
Valplast has to be cleaned only with special Valplast denture cleaner as shop bought cleaners are not as effective as Valplast cleaner and the ingredients could damage the Valplast and the colour of the denture might change.
Types of Valplast cleaner
FDC™ Flexible Denture Cleaner and Val-Clean®. These are available at the dentist’s office or RDT technology Ltd. Please follow the following link to place your order.

Other uses of Valplast
It can be used to make gum veneers, night guards, TMJ splints, for replacing missing teeth in children.

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